Response to Paul Mason, Guardian June 25th 2016

​This is a really good article from Paul Mason, however, it does suppose that the Labour Party is populated by principled politicians, who represents the wider community. This is not, in my experience, the case!

The Labour Party has embraced the notion of career politics and have encouraged people to stand for office, both at a local and national level, for nothing more than quedos, or status.

Our political representatives should reflect wider society and accept that to be elected is a privilege not a career choice and that personal status is a barrier to true democratic representation. We need our representatives to reflect our communities, to have experienced real life not merely read about it in some obscure Oxbridge reference book!

This is a good article but the call for a new left alliance, led by the Labour Party, is doomed to failure. Labour has lost its influence in our former industrial heartlands, people don’t just feel let down by Labour, they feel abandoned by them! So, a new left alliance, yes! But one that has, at its heart, the people who have been worse hit by the lack of any meaningful industrial policy and the worst hit by needless austerity!…


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